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Thread: Are you a 100% Meguiars user?

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    Re: Are you a 100% Meguiars user?

    I had been a user of Meguiars products for about 40 years.

    Yesterday I went and bought product made by a competitor.

    It's not that Meguiars products are no good, there are now many other products good as or if not better than Meguiars.

    Whilst residents of the USA have access to Meguiars products at a fair and reasonable price, here in Australia it has become just too expensive to use them.

    I did sent Meguiars Australia a message questioning their increasing un-affordable prices, they didn't even have the decency to reply.

    I now use Bowdens Own who generally have good regular specials, besides being made in Australia they don't rip off people with their excessive prices.

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    Re: Are you a 100% Meguiars user?

    Bringing this thread up from the dead.
    When I got my first car I walked into local Canadian Tire (one of the biggest consumer stores to buy detail stuff up in Canada that have locations everywhere) and bought Mother's cleaner, polish, and wax trio. Wasn't long after that I jumped onto Meguiars's and became a Megs fanatic. I mean, I bought any of there products... consumer that is. Had totes and shelves full of Megs products, and 1 bottle of Nufinish, cause it is easy and does work decent for folks that generally don't even wash their car. always been a hobby detail guy, just like doing my car and family and friends.
    But when this covid nonsense hit Meguiars shut their phones off, email only. I am a phone guy, I can get more accomplished with a conversation. I know "due to the govenor's covid mandate" all phones are off....but I am fairly sure covid won't pass over the phone lines.. even if a politician says it, I'm just joking around here, don't get too excited.
    But anyway, when boarders were open I would grab new Megs products when in the US and just never thought about it. But now the boarders closed almost 2 years for easy travel and the reality of the different division's of Meguiar's is more clear. Each Megs country has, or does not, different products. I mean Europe had snow foam for a few years while North Americans kept asking for it...well the US got it. Canada takes sometimes years, or never, to get some products. Last year I opened up to new brands of products, for this reason. Because of various youtube vids with Mike Stoop, I did get my mitts on M27 and along with M799, Hybrid Ceramic liquid, spray, and wax have become mainstays for me now. Bought the gallons of both M27 and M799, so in for the long haul with them. But the M27 I was able to get from Carzilla up here, but in the smaller size. I got the gallon at AutoGeek BF sales this year (USA).
    We are still waiting on many "new" Megs products up here, the older years class of new releases take awhile. The Hybrid Paint Coating, Paint prep, snow foam, etc. This past summer ('21) we finally got Hybrid Ceramic Wash, which I love btw, but STILL don't have the mitts they made for it..?? Literally weeks to a month ago we finally got the "New" versions of Ultimate liquid and paste wax.
    I'm not ranting, just saying when I was looking for a paint prep and couldn't get Megs, bought CarPro Eraser. That is what started my 99% Megs user to a watered down %.
    Up here Carzilla is a major source for hard to get brands and products, and when even they don't have stuff, well your not getting it in Canada. Was looking at iron remover (in gallon sizes), Megs Decon was always backordered so got Sonax Fallout Remover and used that up and just got Bilt Hamber. Examples like these are why I have bought other brands now, it was out of what was available.
    But I still love Meguiar's, thats what drew me right into this hobby. It's funny, people get so brand loyal, even if they stray a bit, they always have deep roots in home, lol. Look at the Adam's and Chemical Guys and Griot's camps, some very loyal buyers.
    My opinion, all brands have great products today, hard to go wrong. I generally still reach for a Megs products first, but Megs has forced me to stray.

    Guess I just want Meguiar's USA and Canada to become more fluid.

    Ok, my 2 cents over.
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    Re: Are you a 100% Meguiars user?

    To be honest, I'm trying to stay loyal to Meguiars. I called the "solutions hub" twice before covid. Simple product questions. The first time, the guy sounded like he could'nt be bothered. I figured he was having a bad day. No biggie. Second time, same thing. On the flip side, I called Mothers about a product. Ended up having a nice chat about how cool it is to work there. Once ordered a detail bag from them, they threw in a pack of very nice microfibers! The same with Autogeek and Collinite. I'm not trying to bash Meguiars. I've been working for 45 years, so I know what customer service is. It's just hard to spend money where it does not seem appreciated. Franco

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