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    Service Praise

    Hey Guys,

    The only product I'm gonna praise here is the Meguairs team! With Mike Phillips as the forefront of the online forum for Meguiars, I have never witnessed and experienced this level of customer service from a company that is half way around the world from me. I recently read a post about a Nissan Z owner who had problems with their panels developing splotches from using NXT Tech Protectant. Needless to say, the Meguairs jumped onto the problem and they had a solution in 2 days (Since Tom wasn't back till Monday).

    Personally, I'm surprised to get an answer within 30 min from Mike who is also busy with his own work. I'm still new to this in depth detailing but I am slowly turning into a clean freak because of the products and the confidence i have knowing that my question will be answered. I reckon that without this forum, I would have a pretty badly scratched black car right now.

    So to sums it all up, THANKS MEGUIARS!!!!

    PS. I will soon create my own avatar as I am creatively challenged hehehehe.

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    one of the main reasons i support megs is due to the outstanding customer service, and obviously the great products as well!

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    roger that!

    When i was just learning about Meguiars, I had used some products in a bad combination and seemingly ruined my paint. I called the customer service hotline as a last hope, not expecting any help. boy was I wrong! The man on the phone told me what I was doing wrong, what combination he recomended, and, most importantly, told me to check out this forum, and I've never been the same since.

    Meguiars is the best when it comes to service becasue they really care about their customers. Because they know that their customers love cars as much as the meguiars owners do. This makes the owners want to have the customers enjoy their products as much as the owners do.

    May not be true, but it sure seems like it. Plus, even if its not true, I don't care becasue I'm happy with their service to the customers anyway!
    WARNING! Eye protection must be worn when looking at my car in direct sunlight. Can cause temporary blindness.

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    I know this topic is WAY old, but instead of starting a new topic, I figured i'd add onto this.
    I have my own personal praise for Megs and Mike Phillips.
    The other day I kinda got into a "micro" debate with Mike over using #4 on windshields.
    I was doubting the abilities of the product on a windshield and was questioning everything this professional had to say.
    Mike kept his cool, broke the subject down into terms that made complete sense and even offered to ship me a sampler bottle of #4 to try for myself.
    I have nothing but respect for the Megs team and Mike Phillips.
    The start of this is shown thru the rather sizeable order I placed the other day thru ADS on a whole load of Megs products.
    Next week will be a reorder on the G100 and other accesories.
    I knew I made the right decision when I decided to go into this as a career and use Megs products, exclusively.

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    lol you should look at stuff mike writes on ShowCarGarage its pretty good reading I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mike

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