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    Smile Super Tuner for Ford F-150

    Can anybody out there please help me. I have a super tuner for my ford f-150 super crew. I am not really savy when it comes to engines. I have plugged the machine into my diagnostic control in the cab of the truck and I went through some of the functions like gas usage/tire size/ lower and upper shift points. Does anybody have a ford truck that has used on of these Hypertech Super Tuner for their truck, and if so can you please help me determine the best set points for better fuel economy, and upper lower shift points. I want better fuel mileage and I want to boost the Horses waiting to come out. I also have a K&N air filter to help out. My truck is sitting on a 3 inch body lift, and 33 inch tires. \\\\

    Please help me....

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    Hi Chavez1975,

    Hopefully someone else on this forum can help you with some of your questions as I am not familiar with this system.

    I have deleted your other post on the same subject, you only need to post a message once. I have also moved this into the Break Room forum as that is a better fit over Detailing 101

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    Super Tuner for Ford F-150

    check out,you should get better response over there!

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    One way I'm looking at increasing my MPG and HP is adding a turbo to my Expedition's 5.4. I can't justify the expense vs savings yet. Plus it's hard finding a turbo package for anything but tuners. Putting an aftermarket exhaust system with also will help with the mileage plus HP. I've thought about adjusting my shift points but then it kicks in and out of overdrive too often or just bogs down going uphill. If you come up with something let me know.
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