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Thread: Meguiars Products are indeed Superior to all...

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    Have you tried claying the gel coat, we achieved excellent results with Gary's Cobalt when we clayed it. This was my first intro to boat detailing it was rather educational and fun.
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    hmmm clay on gel coat... I thought that it did not do much (or so I was told). I will give it a try tomorrow Thanks for posting this.
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    Soooo True!

    Originally posted by SeaRayOwner
    the unfortunate thing is that many boat owners do nothing with their boats in the surface care area.... many folks are of the opinion that a yearly wash (or less ) is acceptable. Not true with cars and not true with boats.....

    "Well, the boat IS in water all the time, so it's constantly getting washed!"

    Yeah I hear you.... it's amazing how badly people treat their stuff -- and it's a huge investment, dang it!! I could understand if we were talking about a "disposable" boat, but one like what you've got to work with, there's no excuse not to take care of it (like you obviously are).

    I see this weekly! I maintain my bro-in-laws Chris Craft Crowne for him and just cringe when I get to the Marina because there are so many beautiful boats that are just not cared for properly. I have started a mobile marine detailing business because of it! Hopefully with the fine line of Meg's Marine products and the knowledge shared here, I can make a real go of it!

    Nice job on the Sea Ray!!!
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