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Thread: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

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    Re: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

    Quote Originally Posted by TallPaul1 View Post
    ...Ziggo, is that a rule that I can't add to an old Post?

    No, but in your case since you weren't commenting or replying to the OP's post, it is best to start a new thread.

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    Talking Re: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

    Okay, My Bad....
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    Re: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

    What do you use on the hoses? I used a degreaser in the engine bay and now my hoses are stained white...
    Black is the color, the hard to maintain color

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    Re: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

    maybe old to many but new to some like me

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    Re: Engine Compartment Clean & Shine

    An old thread, but these things haven't changed

    I've learned over many cars and motorcycles there's a big difference between cleaning a gunky, trashed, leaky engine and maintaining a clean one in perfect working order. I like Gunk Engine Brite or Purple Power or Armor All Wheel Cleaner or Tire Foam for various levels of deep "emulsifying" cleaning, but not Simple Green or some others because they are too chemically harsh and can stain and ruin bits you do not expect. Use a pressure washer as well for the worst of it. After that, you're into detailing and maintaining rather than deep cleaning.

    In the case of my daily driver Coupe, bought new, I just don't let it get dirty in the first place, but it also has a full-size underside cover, which helps a LOT. I'll rinse the engine bay, say every other wash, and even wash it all with the same sudsy shampoo and mitt, using the leaf blower to dry and prevent spotting (all with an overnight cold engine). I use Ultimate Black and Ultimate Protectant to treat and boost all the plastic and rubber. Over two years on, it still looks brand new.

    However, if you don't have an underside cover, or if you have an oil leak or something, you're almost wasting your time trying to keep an engine looking (or smelling) nice. If you still need deep cleaning on a regular basis, consider the obvious. First fix the leak or whatever is needed to stop the cause of the gunge. I once had a car with a huge power steering leak, and there was just no hope of cleaning all that junk off the entire underside until that hose was fixed. If you do not have a cover underneath, don't drive on a dirt road for example, or in heavy rain, etc.
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    An old thread but I like the to throw in that the Daytona speed master brush would bva good engine cleaning brush. Also autoality had an engine cleaning brush that is long and help get into those deep dirty places with ease. Looking fwd to getting one to help out.

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