Why did you come to Meguiar's Online?

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  • I had recently purchased a new vehicle and wanted to take the best care of it that I possibly could.

    12 32.43%
  • I had a specific problem or concern that I needed help with.

    3 8.11%
  • I just stumbled in and developed an interest.

    20 54.05%
  • I was referred by an existing member.

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Thread: Why did you come to Meguiar's Online?

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    Why did you come to Meguiar's Online?

    I was thinking it might be interesting to hear about some of the various reasons people originally became members of Meguiar's Online. In other words, when you first signed up for membership here, what was it that you were hoping to get out of it?

    For myself, I had just bought a new vehicle and wanted to take good care of it. I have always taken, what I thought, was decent care of a vehicle but I wanted to take the time to make sure I was doing the best I could possibly do by using good products with well informed and developed techniques.
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    It began with a bottle of gold class wax on a car event.. and after that a lot of other stuffed followed up in line of using the same brand for all kind of little "problems"
    After a while you get interested in the brand you looking for other people that use the same and pass knowledge to eachother in good way to optimize usage of the products. Then what is more handy then a forum board with a lot of enthousiast detailers which contain a lot of interesting information to share with others

    Well that `s the main reason for me to share knowledge and get more educated in the usage of products of the number one cleaning brand

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    I had been using Megs products off and on since 1988. I got into the infomercial 'uberproduct' hype and did the whirlwind tour of all sorts of OTC products with varying amounts of success, but none quite gave me the looks and beading of my original A-12 Cleaner Wax + #16 combo.

    In '97 I got my firts computer and scoured the 'net for detailing sites and products. I first found a generic site on AOL, then WEBCARS.COM. They were OK, but I wanted more.

    After a while I found Detail City, Meguiars On Line and Autopia (in no particular order).

    Currently, MOL is my 'go to' site for most of what I need and I use Megs products exclusively for my paint cleaning/polishing/swirl removal duties. I still experiment with LSPs, although I use NXT as my "solid foundation" for whatever other 'topper' I use.
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    I had always taken good care of my car since I knew about waxes. Over the Years, I tried various ones : Blue Diamond (the one I learned with), Simoniz Pure, Eagle One Nanowax and Zymol.

    I became interested in car forums late last year as I was shopping around for a new car. Most forums have a "maintenance and care" section that I took the time to browse, looking for the best product for the new car. I was in no hurry, I wasn't buying until April.

    When the new car finally came in, I started with Zymol. On the few forums I visited, many praised Meg's NXT. It was already available when i bought my Zymol bottle, but was quite expensive (30 % more $).

    As my Zymol bottle went down, I looked for information about the NXT. I didn't even know if Meguiars had a website. I hoped it wasn't as cheap as the Zymol one.

    When I first visited Meguiar's website, I found information on all products, videos and a FORUM ! There was lots of information available.

    I finally decided to give NXT a try, really hoping I wasn't wasting my money on something equivalent to a cheaper brand. As you can imagine, I was amazed.

    Since then, I follow up discussions on MOL, but only decided to join and post not long ago.

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    Technically I'm a mix of 1 and 3. I do have a new car that I'm trying to keep in good shape but I've also developed a bug for doing detaling. I was browsing a forum for my car and people kept recommending Meguiar's. These were professional detailers so I thought they might know more than the average guy. Here's the sad part...I'd never heard of Meguiar's - ever. I'm 30 years old and I've never heard of them. I've always used the old stand by of wash the car, then turtlewax it, and then armor-all the inside, and finish off by Windexing the windows. I didn't know there was anything else to do. I think the majority of people don't.

    Anyways, that forum led me here and got me interested. I learned so much just in the first few posts I read. It was a whole new world. And now I'm detailing as many cars as I can and I check the site at least a few times a day. Started with mine and my wife's but I'm also working on family and friends. So far I'm doing it for free because I feel that I'm just learning on each one (and thankfully thanks to Meg's and MOL I haven't messed anyone's car up yet). But the coolest part so far is just standing back when I'm done and just soaking in the difference and how much better the car/truck/van looks. I've never seen vehicles look so good as after they get a full Meguair's treatment. It's unreal. I also try to educate people a little as to what I'm doing. Most people seem to be the most interested in claying as nobody has ever heard of that outside of detailing guys. People think it's weird until you have them feel the surface before and after. Then they know.

    And is it just me or do Meguiar's products keep your car cleaner longer? Like when I use the NXT Tech Protect: I notice that my dash doesn't get dusty, whereas before it was a dust magnet. Same with the wheel cleaner. I've never noticed that with any other car cleaning products. Nice little Meguiar's bonus I guess.

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    it all started when i got my license less than a year ago i got my first car it was a red 1990 300ZX. i notice the paint looked a little dull because the last owner neglected it to i went on google and i looked for a good car wax the wax led me to meguiars.com then to meguiars online...thanks to meguiars i sold that 300ZX to a used car dealer for more than i bought it for lesson leared :you dont need to "roll back" the odo to get a deal on your car all you need it NXT

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    Well, I've always been interested in keeping my truck looking great. Earlier this year, however, I got a new truck and wanted to take my knowledge to the next level. I started searching arond the internet. I started off on another detail forum. Its a nice website, but it seems theres too much negativity, product bashing, and misinformation for my tastes, so I eventually made my way over here. This is now my most visited detail forum, the other one I check into about 1-2 times a week.

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    I had Just bought my Lightning and was looking for some products to take care of my first black vehicle.... I stumbled on to MOL from Meguiars.com. Ever since I have been a member of MOL I have changed over to all Meguiars products (OK, 95% Meguiars). Its so easy to log on to MOL and get (or give) great pointers on useing the products/help/what ever is needed.


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    kinda just stumbled on here. wanted to keep the new car ('05 evo) nice, this seems like a good place

    i currently only wash, claybar, wax. but i think that needs to change, seeing how you guys take care of things, it leads me to believe that i'm missing something.
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    In senior year in High School I was in a marketing class where we had to maket a product of your choice. (I was marketing Pentium processors, along with video and real world demonstrations).

    A guy in my class was marketing Meguiar's products and waxes. In his presentation, he showed us pictures of his results, his opinions of the products, and showed us around meguiars.com.
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