Today's Icy detail
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    Today's Icy detail

    Here's a few pic's of today cold detail my of my brother in laws Ford Pickup we did.

    My steps were washed at the car wash (he sprayed and I used my Meguiars Wide angled body brush to go over the truck with, it was pretty chilly (12 this morning) and it was icing up as we were washing it. Brought it home and stuck it in the garage and went to work.
    Clayed with Meguiars C-2000 detailing clay
    Rotary with Optimum Compound and a Meguiars Maroon foam pad
    DA with Optimum Polish and a Meguiars yellow polishing pad
    LSP with the DA and MPPP with a Meguiars Finishing pad
    Chrome and wheels with Meguiars NXT all Metal Polish and a Powerball (NXT all metal polish is amazing IMO)
    Tires and wheel wells with Meguiars Hper Dressing
    Windows with Meguiars NXT glass cleaner

    Took us about 6 hours to complete. Pics are a little dark as the sun was starting to set.

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    Looks great! The results from the NXT Polysh and Power Ball are particularly impressive!

    The MPPP should provide very good protection for the winter. I usually don't use it before winter because it takes too long to dry in colder temperatures. How long did it take for the MPPP to haze over? Your garage must be well heated.


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    Thanks RamAir,

    We probably left it on about 30 minutes before removing it if I remember correctly. I did the swipe test a couple of times to make sure it would wipe clean before removing. The Garage was about 60 degress so it was pretty warm. I recieved 8 bottles of MPPP from the Katrina Relief, so I figured it would be good to start using it on friends and customers vehicles.

    Just a question, I'm not real familiar with MPPP as far as duribility goes, how does it stack up to say NXT, 21, or 20?


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    Dude!!! That's hardcore! i don't know how cold it was in BMI....but it was COLD here!

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    Looks great! Can't beat the look of a freshly detailed black truck!

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