I did not watch the weather report
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Thread: I did not watch the weather report

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    I did not watch the weather report

    Ok pretty lame move... but I did not watch the weather report (dont really watch TV).... got the car clayed, #80, #81, and began the NXT. I got coat #1 on about 1/2 the car..... wife got sick and it was dark so I was going to finish this morning..... woke up to rain.

    So half the car has 1 coat of NXT... the other no NXT. Car is kept outside as my garage serves as a boat-hotel. So needless to say it is getting rained on as I type :-(.

    I have vowed to not drive the vehicle until the process is completed. Once the rain stops I was thinking I would wash very lightly and finish the NXT wax. Is this the right thing? Any suggestions from the experts here....

    Plan was to finish out with 2 coats of NXT this morning.

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    That happened to me before. Yes just wash carefully, dry thproughly and wax. Makes sure you overlap your previous waxing to make sure it is uniform and complete in coverage.

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    Not a problem! Just re-wash the car and apply the NXT Tech Wax.


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    I agree on everything the guys have stated so far. Re wash then wax. If for somestragne reason you can't re-wax ASAP after the rain stops. After you wash it you might want to look for water spots just in case. You'll likely not find any but if you do you can hit them with a QD. It will not hurt anything and at least this will give you the opportunity to visually inpect the rest of the finish before you seal it over with a wax.
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    thanks everyone for your input here. Very appreciated

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