How To - Inserting Images, Creating Photo Albums

The following shows you how to create your own photo album on MOL and also how to insert and display an image into a message. Following that is a
more advanced yet, simpler and faster method to insert a single or multiple image set, which I call Ultimate Quik Paste.

Creating a new photo album:
Open the photo Gallery and click on My Albums, then click Create a New Album.

After the album is created, click on Upload Photos to (you guessed it), upload photos.

Browse and select photos one at a time, then click Upload/Submit.

You return to your album and you see thumbnails of your photos and the first one is selected.

In the Photo Details section, links to the image are shown; in this instance, the direct URL is highlighted and ready to copy. Click in the HTML code
box and when selected, Right click and select Copy. (The Medium Image box can be used for efficient pasting Into a message. Refer to the Ultimate
Quik Paste

In your message, click the Insert Image icon to paste the URL into.

Right click in the URL box and select Paste.

You can see some of the image as it is inserted. Continue on and post your message.

Ultimate Quik Paste

In the body of your message, you can paste in images without going through the icons and associated steps. You need to know the URL(s) of the photos
and enclose them inside of image tags (or copy from Medium Image: or Linked Image: link). This is much more efficient when inserting multiple images.

You can paste one link and copy multiple times, just changing the filename itself for multiple images. The lines in the message have this format:


In the Advanced Editing window, you can see the photos displayed before posting by clicking Preview Post, else you will have to post to see them.

Note: You can also copy and paste external image URLs:

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